Courtesy Pay

Protection for your Checking

Your life is busy and it can be easy to lose track of your checking account balance.  That's why the Town of Hempstead Employees FCU offers Courtesy Pay, a service that adds a measure of protection to your checking account.

Courtesy Pay may cover your checks and preauthorized electronic withdrawals that would otherwise be returned for insufficient funds. Instead of returning a check or electronic withdrawal to the merchant, TOHEFCU may pay your item up to a limit of $400 for one low fee per covered overdraft transaction. This protects you from embarrassing returned checks, protects you from merchant return check fees and protects your credit rating.

We are happy to review Courtesy Pay and its features with you, along with giving you other options to add convenience and ease to your account.  Courtesy Pay is an optional service and requires a signed opt in form.  To complete the form electronically click the APPLY button below.  To discuss with a Member Service Representitive call 516-867-4730.


*Town of Hempstead Employees Federal Credit Unions Courtesy Pay plan is a discretionary non-contractual courtesy and is subject to change. It is not an obligation of the credit union and the credit union may refuse to provide the courtesy on any checking account at any time. The account holder does not have contractual right to Courtesy Pay and courtesy payment is not guaranteed by the Courtesy Pay plan. Member accounts must be in good standings at time of opt in. Excessive use of the service may result in payment denial by the credit union. Courtesy Pay must be brought current within 30 days.