Fee Schedule

Rates & Fees Effective May 1, 2022

Checking Accounts

Monthly Service Fee FREE
Per Check Fee FREE
Monthly Maintenance Fee FREE
Starter Checks - First 10 FREE
Additional Starter or Temporary Checks (5) $5.00
Stop Payment Order - Checks, ACH, Popmoney $25.00
Check Certification $10.00
Photocopy of a Paid Check Under 12 Months $3.00
Photocopy of a Paid Check Over 12 Months $6.00
Faxed copy of a Paid Check $5.00
Check/ACH Returned - Member issued $25.00
Check Returned - Deposited Item $20.00
Overdraft Protection (Share/Loan Transfer) $2.00
Manual Processing/Clearing - Checks, ACH $10.00
Nonsufficient Funds for Preauthorized Withdrawal $30.00
Courtesy Pay Fee per item $25.00
Checking Activity Printout (Per Month) $2.00
Check Printing (Fee Based on Style Ordered) VARIES

Bill Payment

Bill Payment and Presentment FREE
Copy of a Bill Payment Check $5.00
Verification of a Bill Payment $5.00
Stop Payment Order on a Bill Pay item $40.00
Nonsufficient Funds for Authorized Bill Pay $40.00

Money Market Accounts

Checks written for under $250 $10.00
In excess of 6 checks per month $10.00
Monthly below minimum fee (below $500) $5.00

Visa Accounts

Delinquent Payment Fee $35.00
Photocopy of Visa Sales Draft $20.00
Manual post Visa Debit/Credit transaction $10.00
Visa Gift Card Purchase $4.50
Replace Lost VISA Card/PIN $5.00*

* Initial replacement card is $5.00, any subsequent cards will be charged $10.00


ATM Transactions

Balance Inquiry $1.25
Transfer $1.25
Withdrawals $1.25**
Withdrawals from TOHEFCU ATM Machines FREE
Replacement Card (Lost/Damaged) $5.00*

* Initial replacement card is $5.00, any subsequent cards will be charged $10.00
** Members receive five (5) free withdrawals per calendar month.



Account Opening FREE
New Account Closing Within 90 Days (Savings/Checking) $25.00
Non-notification of Change of Address (Quarterly) $5.00
Below Minimum Balance (Savings - Monthly) $5.00
Inactive Account Fee (Quarterly After 2 years) $10.00
Membership Number Change/Reopen (3rd time) $25.00

Popmoney & Funds Transfer

Popmoney Standard  

1 FREE per month

then $3 per transaction

Popmoney Next Day   $5
Popmoney - Request Money     $2
Incoming Funds Transfer Standard   FREE
Incoming Funds Transfer Next Day   $10
Outgoing Funds Transfer Standard 0 - $2,000 $3
Outgoing Funds Transfer Standard $2,001 - limit $5
Outgoing Funds Transfer Next Day   $10

Various Services

Home Banking www.tohefcu.org FREE
Bill Payment FREE
"ET" - Electronic Teller Audio Response System FREE
Notary Public FREE
Tax Levy Processing $30.00
Restraining Notice Processing $30.00
Court Ordered Processing (Check Copies, etc) $75.00*
Replacement of Lost Coupon Payment Booklets $5.00
Replacement Membership Card (Lost/Damaged) $5.00
Rush on any Plastic Card Order $75.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing - Domestic) $25.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing - Foreign) $50.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming) FREE
Incoming Book Transfer $20.00
Collection Item Processing $20.00
Collection for Deposited Canadian Item $10.00
Foreign Item Collection Fee $30.00
Photocopy/Fax (other than drafts) $5.00
Account Reconciliation (per hour 1 hour minimum) $25.00/hr.
American Express Gift Cards $3.95
Money Orders $3.00
Signature Verification $5.00
Signature Verification - Medallion Stamp Program $15.00
Outgoing IRA Trustee Transfer $25.00
Deposit Verifications (From Other Institutions) $10.00
Statement Copy/Account Balance Print Out (per month) $5.00
Holiday Club Withdrawal $5.00
Vacation Club Excessive Withdrawals (Over 3 per Year) $5.00
Abandoned Property Fee $50.00
HELOC check written for less than $500 $10.00
Copy of Credit Union Official Checks $5.00
Stop Payment of Credit Union Official Check $25.00
Third Party Official Checks $5.00
Return of Deposited Check $20.00
Return of Deposited Check Drawn on Member's Account at Another Financial Institution $35.00

* Plus per item costs over 25 copies